Located in the Coomealla area (on the NSW side of the Murray River in the Sunraysia region), we sell directly to supermarkets and agents and are open for ‘Pick Your Own’ and ‘(School) group Visits’. Please contact us if you are interested in our fruit or visiting our farm.




3 easy and delicious ways to put figs on your table this autumn.

1. Split figs, sprinkle them with caster sugar and lemon zest, and roast them. Serve them with crème fraîche and smashed honeycomb (or Violet Crumble if you want to cheat). Or dredge them with black pepper and serve them with barbecued sausages.
2. Bake a tart with halved fresh figs set cut-side up in golden frangipane. Serve it with sour cream to bring some acidity to this fig party.
3. Cut off the top of the figs, make a cavity with the handle of a wooden spoon and stuff it with a soft white cheese or dolcelatte. Bake the figs until they soften and the cheese threatens to bubble out of the top.